Wishes for a speedy recovery from Markarian to Bakakis

Wishes for a speedy recovery sent Sergio Markarian to  the unlucky Michalis Bakakis.

The right back suffered a very serious injury and will be out of action for about six months, with the National Coach standing by him with a written statement.

Analytically Markarian’s statement:

“I wish Michalis to recover as quickly as possible and to return to his team and to the National Team too.

Also, I want to send a message to other players, who, due to injury, will not be with us to our next games, Yannis Maniatis, Petros Mantalos, Kyriakos Papadopoulos and Giorgos Samaras: what matters, above all, is their health and their quick recovery. All the rest will come. We wait for them. ”