Kimonas Kokoroyiannis : Garoufalias is an important link in the chain




Iraklis Garoufalias is another important link in the chain consisting of young players that i take at an early age and believing much in their abilities i guide them with zeal for the further development of their career.
I am very pleased that the player left in PAS Giannina because in the team they know him very well now and they know his possibilities. We should also not forget that especially the last five years, players who stood out in Ioannina were always recherche and acquired even greater value.
Iraklis Garoufalias has all the necessary elements -mind, physical skills, technique, strength, speed, conscientiousness, etc.-  that a player needs so he can have a remarkable career and I am sure that he will greatly help PAS to have similar or better seasons than this year.

We wish him good luck and I’m sure he will vindicate us.