Κίμωνας Κοκορόγιαννης Number 9 is the new form of the company Sports Management & Communication that was founded in 2000 by Kimonas Kokoroyiannis.

That was the season in which he closed his circle as Marketing Manager in NIKE HELLAS and being a character that did not want to tangle his work, that is to say be in the company and simultaneously deal with the representation of footballers and coaches, he began his travel in the area of football with very big success from the first moment by completing the transfer of Vladan Milojevic in 2000 from Panathinaikos FC to the ambitious then HRAKLIS THESSALONIKA that had undertaken the achieved businessman Evangelos Mytilinaios.
From then until today

his company Number 9 made the greatest and most important transfers at the Greek football. One of the highlights was the decade of collaboration with the EURO 2004 MVP and leader of the Greek National Theodoros Zagorakis.

The company marched and still marches in the light of the philosophy of its founder which is honesty, integrity, meritocracy, the claim of the best and many other elements that distinguish a conscious man.


Kimonas Kokoroyiannis was a prominent figure in the world of basketball as his long and with several titles career as a player and coach led him in entering the pantheon of great athletes.
As an athlete he began his career at AO Τriton where he played for 5 years.

His athletic skills combined with his performances attracted the interest of large clubs including Olympiakos Piraeus in which he eventually got transfered. For Piraeus’s team played 11 consecutive years with great success. Then he played 5 years for Panellinios BC and ended his career at Esperos playing for one season.


  • 2 Championships in Greece with Olympiakos Piraeus
  • 4 Greek Cups with Olympiakos PiraeusΣ
  • Participation with Olympiakos as one of the best 6 teams in Europe the period 1978-79 – FINAL SIX
  • Participation in the Greek Cup final for 7 times
  • International with the national team
  • International with the National Youth
  • International in the National Army


  • 1990-91 Olympiacos Piraeus for the Play Offs
  • 1991-92 Kronos BC
  • 1992-93 Piraikos BC
    During this time was voted by the public as one of the coaches who would participate in the ALL STAR GAME
  • 1998-99 Esperos BC-Second Division (A2) championship winner and promotion in First Division commonly known as A1
  • 1999-2000 Sporting BC


For his contribution to the sport he received the following honors-awards:

  • Award from the Association of Sports Press
  • Award from the City of Corinthos
  • Award from the Dean of the University of Piraeus
  • Award from the Dean of the Theological School
  • Awarded by the Youth and Sports Organization of the Municipality of Athens
  • Honorary distinction twice by President of the Republic Konstantinos Tsatsos and National Defense Minister Evangelos Averoff on the occasion of his participation in the National Army Team to win the second position in the SISM World Championship held in Damascus in 1978 and 1980 in N. Carolina