Garoufalias: The countdown has started for me

Iraklis Garoufalias spoke excusivelly in NOVA channel and Vangelis Pihas.

The PAS Giannina player, Iraklis Garoufalias, in statements exclusively in Novasports channels and Vangelis Pihas, said he is now fully recovered and counts down for his return. Among other things he said: “It was a difficult period for me, especially at the beginning, but as time passes I’m better. Now time is passing for me to be ready when we start our preparation period. ”

About the injury in Agrinio in the match of the first round with Panaitolikos he said: “It was something I did not expect, but everything is part of our life. I feel strong to overcome it. This adventure made me stronger because I had difficult period. ”

About how he saw PAS Giannina he said: “Our team was very good and they did it very well. Unfortunately there is the licensing issue but the course was amazing. For the guys who were playing it was something really hard that we did not get licensing. Because everyone did so many efforts throughout the year, but it’s okay …. “.